EPIQ H.I.I.T. 22.0

  • John Porter Jr.
    John Porter Jr.

For those who want the complete athletic package:  Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Stability, Balance, Flexibility, Power, Coordination and Agility.  Welcome to the 22nd version of EPIQ H.I.I.T.

Day 1:


Step-Ups: 5 x 10 reps (per leg)

Then H.I.I.T Circuit (50 sec. work/10 sec. rest):

Burpee Box Jumps, 12”-18” box
20 yd. Wind Sprints
Sandbag Cleans, 65 lbs.
Push-Ups, Glider Knee Tucks
Ice Skaters
Dumbbell Renegade Rows, 25 lbs.
Arm/Leg Reach

Day 2:


Sumo Deadlift: 3-3-3-3-3

Then 7 rounds (starting position – lying on floor in prone position)

Get-Up, 1
40 yd. Prowler Push, 180 lbs.
One-Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press/Jerk, 8 reps (alternating arm each rep)
*60 sec. rest between rounds

Day 3:

Rest Day

Day 4:

Box Squat (box height equivalent to height of knee): 7 x 5 @ 55% of 1RM every min. on the min. for 12 min.

Then 10 rounds of:

3 Box Jump-Overs (20” box)
15 yd. Sprint
*rest 45 sec. between rounds*

Day 5:


Press: 5 x 10

Then 5 rounds for time:

9 Handstand Push-Ups
18 Lunge Jumps

Day 6:

1 min. Thrusters, 135 lbs.
1 min. rest
1 min, Heavy Throwdowns, 60 lbs.
1 min. rest
1 min. Tuck Jumps
1 min. rest
1 min. Burpees

Day 7:

Rest Day
  • Adjust loads according to your ability. If too heavy, lighten load.  If too light, increase load.
  • Core must be engaged during every exercise to further help with controlling one’s movement.
  • For pre-workout, EPIQ™ STRYKE is the best to consume 30 to 60 minutes before your workout to give your body the energy, mental focus and great pump to power you through.
  • For post-workout, EPIQ™ Isolate is the ideal choice to help repair muscles so they can come back stronger on your behalf.



EPIQ™ STRYKE is our most intense pre-workout formula to date. Containing powerful active ingredients to deliver electrifying energy, enhanced focus and more strength and power.

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