Almond Butter Blossoms

Bring the gains to your next party with these EPIQ™ protein cookies! This is a fun spin on the classic peanut butter blossoms that often make an appearance at the dessert table, but they are [...]

EPIQ Wildberry Shake

Try this tasty, flavor-filled shake. Combined with EPIQ™ ISOLATE, this shake is aimed to please your taste buds and build some muscle!

EPIQ Treats

Cheat meals and refeed days are usually known as guilty pleasures, but who said they have to be all bad? It’s about time you pair your favorite indulgences with your favorite products and take [...]

Blackberry Banana Smoothie

Need a unique post-workout smoothie bursting with flavor? Look no further! Blackberries are always an excellent source of antioxidants, so dive into this EPIQ-ally awesome smoothie.

Burger Recipes

Is your burger game living up to its EPIQ potential? Our Ambassadors share how they take their favorite burgers to the next level!

Peaches & Cream of Wheat

Breaking your fast in the morning with some clean EPIQ™ ISOLATE never tasted so good! This combination of vanilla protein, cream of wheat, and peaches is divine and a perfect flavor for summer.

Iced Coffee Shake

Coffee is becoming a popular beverage to consume before and even during workouts! It boasts the ability to give you energy (due to the caffeine)! With that benefit in mind, adding a little more [...]

EPIQ Piña Colada Smoothie

The weather is warmer, the pools are finally open, and it’s time show off the gains that you’ve worked so hard for. It’s also a time to take in some summer-oriented beverages! So here’s a [...]

An EPIQ Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl or blender until smooth. Line a plastic food storage container with parchment paper. Pour the blended mixture in and put the lid on tight. If it won’t [...]