One of the Most Powerful Musclebuilders Ever Developed


Subjects gained 5.3 lbs. of real muscle in 8 weeks

The power to double your muscle gains

Triggers the primary musclebuilding process – mTOR

750mg of Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid

Triggers The Primary Musclebuilding Process

Phosphatidic acid is one of the most exciting muscle and strength compounds ever researched! This amazing diacyl-glycerophospholipid signaling molecule powerfully activates and amplifies muscle cell protein synthesis for rapid, real gains in lean muscle and strength. In fact, it’s so powerful, you need to try it yourself to truly believe it.

Double Your Muscle Gains

Published, peer-reviewed research has shown that the exact dose of phosphatidic acid in EPIQ PHOSPHATIDIC ACID can help you build twice as much muscle as you could if you simply trained! Who wouldn’t want to build twice as much muscle?

Increase Strength By 60%

Subjects not only experienced a 100% increase in lean body mass, they also jacked up their strength, experiencing a 60% greater increase in 1-rep max leg press strength compared to subjects who resistance trained while taking a placebo!

Epiq Phosphatidic Acid Chart

In a recent study conducted by Dr. Jacob Wilson and his research team at The University of Tampa on 28 resistance-trained subjects, those who trained hard 3 times a week and took the exact dose of phosphatidic acid found in EPIQ PHOSPHATIDIC ACID for 8 weeks actually doubled the amount of muscle they gained compared to subjects following the same training protocol, but who were only taking a placebo. This 8-week clinical study was published in the prestigious scientific journal Nutrition & Metabolism.

Epiq Phosphatidic Acid Chart

In this same study involving resistance-trained men undergoing a very intense exercise program, subjects supplementing with phosphatidic acid jacked up their 1RM leg press by 60% vs. the placebo group! These are real test results from a real university study on athletes.

Full 750mg – Clinical Dose of Phosphatidic Acid

Each serving of EPIQ PHOSPHATIDIC ACID contains a full dose of 750mg of Mediator® phosphatidic acid. This is the exact same amount used in the breakthrough study performed by Dr. Jacob Wilson at The University of Tampa.

Beware of Imitators

Scientists tested various sources of soy- and egg-derived Phosphatidic acid, and reported their findings in data published in Nutrition & Metabolism, unveiling that soy-derived phosphatidic acid (Mediator®) increased mTOR signaling the most – by 636%! Mediator® was then used in the groundbreaking study conducted by Dr. Jacob Wilson and his research team at The University of Tampa, whose subjects used exactly 750mg of this patented form of phosphatidic acid. This makes phosphatidic acid one of the hottest new supplements and one of the most costly to license and manufacture. But beware of unscrupulous companies who cut corners by underdosing their supplements or infringe patents with generic ingredients. If the supplement you’re using has phosphatidic acid, but doesn’t display the Mediator® logo, then you’re getting ripped off with a sub-par generic product that is likely severely underdosed and has not been studied. Why pay for knockoffs with questionable ingredients? With EPIQ PHOSPHATIDIC ACID, you can be confident you’re getting the researched 750mg dose of certified 100% Mediator® phosphatidic acid that has been verified by the inventor, Chemi Nutra, using nuclear magnetic resonance analysis testing.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tested

EPIQ PHOSPHATIDIC ACID has been tested and verified by a specialized testing procedure called nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an analytical chemistry technique used in quality control and research for determining the content and purity of a sample as well as its molecular structure. In fact, this method of testing is so specialized that we worked with a highly technical lab in Germany for analytical testing to ensure that the product meets the label claim. This highly specialized and expensive procedure is the only robust way of testing for a compound that contains phosphorus and exhibits the chemical characteristics of phosphatidic acid. This makes it extremely important for consumers to stick with proven brands that only use Mediator® phosphatidic acid, and use the full, disclosed dose of 750mg. If you see a product without the Mediator® logo, or if their phosphatidic dose is not disclosed, steer clear, as it will likely contain untested materials in questionable doses!

Compare For Yourself

With EPIQ PHOSPHATIDIC ACID, you’re not only getting a clinically studied 750mg dose of pure Mediator® phosphatidic acid, but you’re also getting the best value per serving. Don’t settle for non-verified knockoffs. Trust EPIQ to provide you with the cleanest and purest new ways to build muscle!

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# OF DAYS SUPPLY 30 30 20 21
SALE PRICE $89.99 $27.99 $64.95 $79.99
COST PER SERVING $3.00 $0.93 $3.25 $3.81

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Take 1 serving (5 softgels) once daily. On workout days, take 30 minutes before training. Do not exceed 5 softgels in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before use and follow the directions provided.

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How Should I Stack Epiq™ PHOSPHATIDIC ACID?


EPIQ™ STRYKE is our most intense pre-workout formula to date. Containing powerful active ingredients to deliver electrifying energy, enhanced focus and more strength and power. 

Epiq Isolate

EPIQ™ Isolate

EPIQ™ ISOLATE contains 100% isolate proteins, including fast-acting whey protein isolate and sustained-release milk and casein protein isolates. The low-fat formula contains just 1g of sugar.

Epiq Ripped

EPIQ™ Ripped

The ultra-intense thermogenic stimulant EPIQ™ RIPPED is designed for athletes looking for hard-hitting weight loss and to boost “in-the-zone” training intensity and energy.

Want real gains in muscle and strength?

Check out our test team PHOSPHATIDIC ACID unboxing reviews below.

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Easy and effective!

Now let me start off by saying that I am almost 50 years old. I have older kids, younger kids and a household of junk food to avoid. I have a full time job and a host of other excuses for not being able to lean out. I have always exercised, but as you can see by my picture, exercise alone just isn't cutting it. I am 5'10" and weigh 198lbs. So when I received this free sample of EPIQ Phosphatidic Acid, I decided to be consistent to the best of my ability. I currently wake up early and get to the gym by 5am between 4 and 6 days a week. I take the obligatory protein shake as soon as I get home and then go on with my day.. The 5 capsules in the morning are surprisingly easy to swallow. I felt an increase in strength at the gym and am having very good recovery times. I am feeling much stronger and and gaining some muscle bulk. This stuff has no side effects and I recommend it to anyone looking for an edge in gaining muscle and strength quickly.

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


The next best thing is here

So I received this new product as part of the field test team for epiq. I am more than excited to keep going for a full 8 weeks. I feel less sore when I wake up in the morning and can watch my lifts go up overnight. The dosage is 5 pills at once so it’s easy to get down and doesn’t taste bad or hurt my stomach which is a plus. If you want the extra edge or you’re not getting the results you want you may want to give this a try.

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


help your muscles

I received this product as part of the product test team. After a couple weeks my gains really started coming and got over some tough plateaus. Will be using this product consistently

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


Gains, gains, gains

Got a free sample of this product and in two weeks I've noticed gains in all my main lifts already. I've been able to push myself harder and my endurance has been way up! Excited to see what my gains will be after I'm done with this cycle!

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


Love it

I got to try this as a free sample from Epiq as part of a field test team. I gained a good amount of strength while using this without changing up my routine at all. Really pleased with the results.

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


solid gains so far

I received phosphatidic acid as part of the muscle tech field test team. I was interested to try this out as I never have before and had heard really good things. So far im a month in and I am very please with the results. Im up 4lbs so far - may not seem like much, but I can see very little in the way of fat gains. Of course I know its not 4 lbs of muscle but as far as I can tell, its a lot more solid gains than what im used to. Strength gains have been coming a little quicker as well, im excited for the next month on this.

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


Increased recovery!

I started using this product last week. I was impressed by the Epiq line when it launched because their formulas are so clean and contain clinically dosed ingredients. I have been at the weightlifting and sports performance game for decades now so I have tried everything at least once and never really became loyal to one product line. That has all changes since Epiq arrived. P.A. has helped me recover faster so I can train more which, while it has only been a week, I am sure will lead to greater gains going forward.

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


Packed on lean muscle!

Phosphatidic acid was something I read about and was very curious to try. I took the pills as instructed for 4 weeks and gained about 6 pounds by the end of it, keep in mind I was alread 250+ so putting on quality lean muscle is not easy and I have been lifting for years. Phosphatidic acid was like no other supplement I have ever used but was easy to take and worth the investment

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


Wave of the future

I tested this product and it was honestly exciting to be a part of something new that actually works. When it comes to working out and supplements it would be nice to find something that packs on ten pounds of muscle a month, but that magic pill doesn't exist. This isn't magic, it's five pills you take with your PWO and it helps you blast through higher weight and put on more muscle. I had been stuck on my bench and squat and hadn't added any weight for over a month, it was my worst plateau. I upped weight on every major lift and added five pounds of muscle. That's not magic, but it was exactly what I needed. This product is worth every penny

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes


Good gains!

As part of the field test team, I received this product. After about a week, I started noticing some nice changes and solid gains. It works well. Looking forward to completing an 8 week schedule to see if I can reach my goal.

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes