Pure Isolate Mass Gainer


100% Isolate Mass Gainer

Clean Calories For Real Gains in Muscle Size & Strength

10g Pure Creatine per Serving

No Artificial Colors or Dyes

Improves Training Endurance

Boosts Training Intensity

EPIQ Muscle Gains

The problem with most regular weight-gainer formulas on the market is that they focus on calories above all else while skimping on ingredients, often sacrificing quality protein and carb sources to pack as many calories into the bottle as possible – in the form of fat, cheap sugar, and concentrate-grade protein sources. Now, the game has changed. Introducing EPIQ™ GAINER – the 100% isolate mass gainer that is designed to help you increase muscle size, strength, power, and also speed recovery from training, with less sugar and fat than the competition.

High-Quality Carbohydrates to Fuel Intense Workouts & Rapid Recovery

EPIQ™ GAINER contains a unique Super Carb Blend that features maltodextrin, isomaltulose, cluster dextrin, Modcarb™, brown rice syrup solids and waxy maize, which was designed to combat post-exercise catabolism by supporting glycogen synthesis to fuel growth, and to minimize the breakdown of muscle protein. This powerful blend provides simple carbs that, when taken post-workout, spike insulin, which quickly shuttles creatine, amino acids and other nutrients into the muscle. It also delivers slow-burning complex carbs that help keep the body in an anabolic state.

The Pure Isolate Advantage

EPIQ™ GAINER uses only isolate proteins. Why isolates? It’s simple. The isolate proteins in EPIQ™ GAINER are highly bioavailable proteins that are easily digested and utilized by the body. Lower quality proteins contain more fat and carbs, while isolates are lower in fat and lactose, so you won’t have to worry about consuming additional junk calories on your way to clean muscle gains.

How To Take EPIQ™ Gainer

Mix 1 serving (4 scoops) with 16 to 24 oz. of water or skim milk. Drink one serving between meals or immediately after your workout. Do not exceed 2 servings in a 24-hour period. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily for general good health. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.

Supplement Facts


Epiq Gainer Supp Facts


How Should I Stack EPIQ™ GAINER?


EPIQ™ STRYKE is our most intense pre-workout formula to date. Containing powerful active ingredients to deliver electrifying energy, enhanced focus and more strength and power. 

EPIQ Test Product Image

EPIQ™ Test

EPIQ™ TEST increases free testosterone and decreases estrogenic effects with no negative androgenic and estrogen-related side effects.

EPIQ™ Phosphatidic Acid

EPIQ™ Phosphatidic Acid is a cutting-edge musclebuilder that can help you build twice as much muscle and increase muscle strength.


Lucky Vitamin
Lucky Vitamin



Quality above Quanity

Epiq Gainer separates itself from other weight gainers by using QUALITY Ingredients. Using Complex Carbohydrates instead of simple sugars, low fat, and High grade Proteins. Adding creatine to the mix also helps fuel the muscles without having to use another supplement, which is very convenient..

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Tastes great

This was another product I was asked try. Now I am not in the market for a weight gainer so I modified the instructions on this product and used it more as a meal replacement. I used one scoop per serving instead of the recommended 4 scoops. I felt this product was clean and worked well combined with the X-5 creatine. I was sent Vanilla and I thought arrrggghhh. I am not a fan at all of Vanilla, however this product does taste very good. I was so surprised at how good the Vanilla tastes I am hoping to get my hands on some Chocolate and try that. Overall this is a quality product from a quality manufacturer using quality ingredients.

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Great tatsting gainer that actually does its job.

Let me start by saying that this mass gainer shake is delicious. I received a sample of the Chocolate in the mail and it actually tasted really good. I consider myself a bit of a supplement junkie, and I have been taking supplements for over 10 years now, including gainers. The thing about this product is, it actually worked. The recommended serving is 4 scoops for 1000+ calories. I actually only used a half serving with 1% Milk and still saw a significant gain in lean mass, upwards of 7 lbs with no increase in body fat. Great taste. Solid ingredient profile. I would recommend this to any hard-gainers or anyone really just trying to put on lean mass.

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taste great, recovered great, gained weight. so yeah i was taking this during a calorie deficit period and i still gained weight some of it was fat but i can also tell my muscle grew back to normal or a little more since i hadnt worked out in four months due to injury.

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Epic Taste!

The last time I used a mass gainer product its main ingredient was oil...lots of oil. Nutritional advances are evident in Epiq's Mass Gainer. I bought the 6 lb. bag of Rich Vanilla and it not only tastes great, it also has a fine granular texture which mixes easily in both milk and water. I love that 4 large scoops provide 26g of high quality protein but only 13mg of cholesterol. Being over 50, I've been finding it more and more difficult to maintain the muscles of my youth. This product has provided noticeable results and I'm liking it! The 10g of creatine is an added bonus. Thanks for the great product!

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I received my supply of gainer a few weeks ago...So far I am satisfied with the product. The only downside to the gainer or any mass gainer is the serving size. I like the fact that the carbs compared to other mass gainers is relatively low, 250 full serving our 125 for half (I use the half twice a day). The taste is great, and the and dissolves really good. I've used other mass gainers and even a half serving would become a really thick shake, it w pulls be as if I was drinking pudding. The epic mass gainer isn't thick at all. I usually don't use a blender so being easy to dissolve is big for me. So far so good. Progress pics will come after the product is finished.

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Great Mass Gainer

Epic Gainer profile is great. The ingredients are all quality, multiple sources of carbs and protein. The multiple sources of carbs help from dealing with quality workouts. The amount of protein is great as well. I eat a lot of food so for me this lasted a little longer as I was only taking half dose daily post workout. Great mix ability which is rare from mass gainer, very light. This is a must have if you want to put on some size

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Great Mass Gainer

This tastes great and also helped me gain muscle mass. I felt like I recovered better after intense workouts. This is the best of the best!

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Awesome flavor and no aftertaste

I mix this daily with fruits since I get vanilla along with Lact-aid milk. Typically, I'll have issues with lactose with gainers, but not with this product. The shakes have a great flavor and I typivally use it for a breakfast replacement. I also have a shake following a workout. No aftertaste and no stomach issues. I highly recommend this as a gainer as part of a routine.

Did you receive the product as a free sample? Yes