Build Muscle with this Guide to Nutrient Timing

There are many “windows of opportunity” in life, and this applies equally to your body’s ability to recover and build muscle post-workout. Every day you train provides you with small windows of opportunity in which to feed your body with musclebuilding nutrients – consuming the right nutrients during these opportune times is exactly what you need to do for muscle growth.


Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day. Goal: Break your overnight fast and kick-start your metabolism with a protein-packed breakfast that will keep you full, like an omelet made with your favorite veggies.


Don’t consume more calories than you need at this time of day when you are likely to be less physically active, or you may risk storing the unused energy as fat.
Goal: Opt for slow-acting, complex carbohydrates and protein to extend the feeling of satiety and avoid the dreaded afternoon energy crash that can result from spiking your blood sugar with sugary processed snacks and fast-digesting carbs.


With your training session ahead of you, you will need to fuel your increased energy demands.
Goal: To avoid training on a full stomach, have a light, slow-digesting snack an hour or so before working out.
Post-Workout Supplementation

The post-workout window is considered the most effective time to fuel up for size and strength when your body is primed to build muscle.
Goal: Replenish vital musclebuilding nutrients depleted during your workout by consuming fast-acting carbohydrates with whey protein, like EPIQ™ ISOLATE.

Evening Meal

Ensure optimal muscle recovery while you sleep by eating a balanced dinner that fuels your body.


Goal: Support your musclebuilding efforts with a formula that helps to naturally increase your body’s production of testosterone. EPIQ™ TEST helps push your body’s environment into superior anabolic mode by naturally increasing testosterone levels without causing negative androgenic or estrogen-related effects.

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